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White sage smudge stick with purple flowers (Sea lavender).

White sage smudge stick with purple flowers (Sea lavender).

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Sage smudge sticks with purple sea lavender flowers. Smudging or saining is the ancient practice of burning herbs to cleanse spaces, places and people of negative energy. Sea Lavender flowers symbolise success. They are perfect gifts for someone you want to see succeeding in life and moving forward and smudging is the perfect ritual to release any negativity that might be holding you back from doing so.

Smoke has been used by many traditions over the centuries to cleanse. Saining is a Celtic tradition of burning herbs to bless, cleanse and purify.

Sage offers clarity, vision, strength and wisdom; it is known as a medicine for Women.

Sage is used traditionally in Native North American, First Nations and Indigenous cultures to represent the life force and maternal lineage of women.

Whether you are looking for a smudge stick to use in your home, on yourself or to cleanse your crystals (or perhaps all three) these beautiful sage and flower smudge sticks are a wonderful choice. They smell divine and are believed to clear any space of bad energy and promote relaxation, as well as heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defence against disease.

If you are looking for a quick way to cleanse your crystals smudging is a great option also. We cleanse all of our crystals with reiki before they leave us to travel to you. But whether you buy from us or someone else, you will always want to cleanse your crystals when they arrive at their forever home with you.

It's a wonderful way to welcome your crystal into your space and to connect with you.

I would always advise cleansing and charging. Not only will this beautiful practice restore your crystal back to its natural state and qualities, but it will set an intention and create a connection between you both.

Burning herbs works by releasing positive ions that cling to us, our electromagnetic field, objects and rooms and releasing them. It also has an uplifting effect.

I would advise using your smudge stick regularly to cleanse yourself, your home and your crystals. Perfect for using in a new home also.


Open windows to let stagnant smoke and energy drift out of your home

On lighting your smudge stick do so carefully, if it flames, lightly blow it out to create a light smouldering effect. A candle or lighter /matches will be fine for lighting.

Hold your smudge stick above a heat proof container to catch any embers as they drop.

It’s common to have to relight your sage stick to keep it smouldering.

Always set an intention before starting your smudging ritual and align any words you use during your ritual with this intention.

Smudge/cleanse as regularly as you feel you need to ~ daily, weekly or even monthly.

Always make sure your smudge stick is fully pout after use and store in a heat proof container


Approximate dimensions
Size: 107mm
Weight: 36g

Please note: These smudge sticks are natural handmade and hand tied products. It is completely natural and usual for pieces of the smudge stick or flowers to fall out, or the wrapping to come loose. If you find that has happened on arrival, you can tidy the stick up and retie if needed. Equally if you find they are a struggle to burn, you can loosen the ties too.

Whilst we make every effort to wrap everything we sell extra carefully so it arrives with you in the best condition possible, natural, dried herbs and flowers are delicate and have a tendency to break a little in transit, so it is also expected that a few may break on the way. We suggest you just burn these separately by placing them on a heat proof container, like a shell or stone and still make use of the cleansing smoke they give off. Therefore not wasting any of the plant and honouring it, even if not in 'perfect form'.

Our sage sticks are 100% ethically farmed and sourced to limit environmental damage and to honour everyone involved in the growing and supply chain. You might be able to buy cheaper but that often comes at other costs to people and our planet.

We send an instruction sheet with each stick and a little gift with every order too 💝

All items are cleansed and charged by Reiki energy (by myself) before they leave us and travel on their way to you.

We pride ourselves on only supplying crystals that are completely natural, they are never dyed to appear more magical, we only ever choose the highest grades available so they are all naturally magical without the need for dying or filters.

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