Choosing crystals

Choosing the right crystal for you:

There is no right or wrong way to choose a crystal. I am very much an intuitive crystal shopper, rather than reading what I need, then shopping for it.

The most important thing is that you feel a connection, as in all good things in life. And this is just as easy to achieve online as it is in a shop.

Remembering everything is energy and energy knows no bounds. Science has proved this and it is why healers like myself are able to send distant reiki treatments to people who are in another part of the country or world (I have done both, always with incredible results).

I often feel a crystal can speak to us far easier when we are in the comfort of our own homes and not navigating the energies of others and distractions in busy crystal shops.


Setting an intention:

If you feel called you could set an intention before you shop (whether physical or online) and ask your Higher Self, spirit guides, angels or whoever resonates with you for guidance: Ask to be shown a crystal that is meant for you and your highest good.

I totally believe that you can find the right crystal to work with online. And as we have sold well over 2500+ crystals to happy customers I also have the proof to back it up. I also shop online for crystals and by using the message of setting an intention and tuning in, I have never had a bad experience and have found some incredible pieces that I have never seen in high street shops before. Just like the crystals we now stock in our own shop.

It's about tuning in and really feeling which one is right for you. This means calling on your intuition. You might think you're not intuitive but everyone is, listen for those small signals, the nudges, the whisper of your heart and trust your gut.

As with any shop, online or high street, make sure the crystal shop is selling natural and ethical crystals, that have been ethically and sustainably mined and that they can be sure of their provenance. Not ripped from the earth in a way that is traumatic to the planet, the crystals and those doing the work. That has a knock on effect in so many ways.

Those things are far more important than the mass produced ones that you can get anywhere. When they haven’t been ethically sourced, paid a fair price for and the shop owner doesn’t care, those crystals will have a negative energy around them and won't be at their highest vibration. Which is why we created Moon and Earth crystals in the beginning as this was the experience I kept coming up against. When you buy from us you can be assured to get the highest quality crystals we can find, the most ethical and sustainably mined, that everyone was treated with fairness and respect and as a result the most gorgeous and high vibrational, natural crystals.

It also doesn't have to be the prettiest or the most expensive crystals, it's whatever magnetises you. You can't choose wrongly when it comes to crystals. 


Signs that you found the right crystal for you. 

  • Love at first sight. 
  • You get a sense of calm inner knowing, perhaps familiarity, peace or grounded excitement.
  • You don't want to put it down or you can't stop looking at it online. 
  • You think about it for days after, you may even dream about it.
  • It might not be different to what you were looking for but you feel really drawn to it. 
  • You just have a gut feeling
  • You just know
  • You're super excited when you see it.

Crystal size: 

Bigger crystals don't necessarily equal higher potency or efficacy. Of course the larger specimens are going to have a more obvious presence and make a statement, plus you are potentially more likely to feel their presence and their energy. So if you do have the budget to buy some bigger crystals I would totally recommend. They feel good, look good and do good. In my opinion a home full of crystals is a happy home (for all).

When choosing you might want to think about how you want to use that crystal.

Do you want it for personal use, or do you want it to cleanse and clear whole areas of your home/work?


Larger crystals can transmit more energy around the room, but carrying small ones around with you in your bag/wallet/bra or in your workspace is a great way of working with crystals on the move.

Jewellery is great for raising your vibrations, with the added bonus of having them on you at all times.

And remember, it's not really the size of the crystal it is what you do with it that matters, it's more about the intention that you set with it. More about that here.

Above all trusting what you feel drawn to, what feels right for you and what's going to remind you of your intention. And remember you can work with as many crystals as you need at any one time and you can't get it wrong.


Crystals are one of natures many treasures, have fun, experiment and enjoy..Everyone can benefit from them (whether you believe in their qualities or just love having them around) and that's the most important thing. 

I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions please just ask.

If you'd like to find out more about the shape of crystals and how that is relevant, you can read here. 

And if you're interested in tuning into your intuition and learning more about crystals, I have an online membership, you can read more about that on my sister website here.