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Welcome to Moon & Earth Crystals and Rituals Boutique

Connecting crystals to their people : Empowering you to work with your stones.

We’re Katie and Paul, a wife and husband team, passionate about connecting crystals to their people, empowering you to work with them and offering you the most amazing service we can.

We only source crystals that are ethical and of the highest quality and vibration. Personally selecting every item in our shop, so you can be sure of its quality and provenance. We have over 1000+ 5 Star customer reviews.

We offer a bespoke crystal sourcing and prescription service for healers, lightworkers and enthusiasts' helping you to find the perfect crystal allies for the work you are here to do, or the healing you need support with.

Did you know that crystals can choose you, even online? As you browse our shop, trust your intuition, those you connect with are usually the ones you need. If you want to be sure read the description, you'll be amazed with how accurate the crystals energy can be. If you need any guidance please send us a message via the chat and it would be lovely to connect on social media too.

Love and light,

Katie & Paul xx