What do different crystal shapes mean

Ever wondered what the shape of a crystal mean? Or why you find yourself drawn to some shapes and not others?

Here's a quick guide to the meaning behind the shapes.


Flame shaped crystals can help raise Kundalini energy from the base of the spine up through the chakras to the Crown and represent the flow of continual energy, love and passion.They also signify the endless cycle of life and love.


Obelisks amplify energy and focus it through the apex. They help to attain mental, physical, and emotional balance.


Crystal points are one of the most commonly used and beneficial shapes to work with. They are very powerful for manifestation, as they help to manifest your dreams, wishes, and intentions at a much faster rate by directing your intention up into the universe.


Crystal healers believe that egg-shaped crystals are a powerful tool for people who desire to start a fresh new chapter in life. They bring about “miracles” and “magic” that smoothen transitions and complete transformations.


The sphere is a perfect shape and considered sacred in many cultures. It's the expression of unity and completeness. The sphere is the most symmetrical shape; therefore, crystal spheres radiate powerful, high-vibration energy. Crystal spheres emit their energy from all sides, expanding to an entire room evenly. 

Spheres provide us with an overall feeling of stability, harmony, and unity since their crystal energy is very balancing. The circle resembles the circle of life, and brings in life force energy and wholeness. 

Palm stones

Palm stones (worry / galets / thumb )  are perfect for relaxation, energy boost, protection, and meditation. Holding a palm stone in your hand creates a strong connection between the stone's energy and your energy field or aura. Another way to use palm stones is sleeping with them. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, palm stones are incredibly comforting to hold while you fall asleep. 


Star-shaped crystals help “bring down” the celestial energies to us when we do healing and energy work.


Moon shaped crystals are often used for meditation and spiritual practices, as they are believed to help connect with the energy of the moon and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. They can also be used for emotional healing, as they are associated with the balancing of emotions and the release of negative energy.


The freeform crystal is in fact free, by all means. Great stress relievers when held or rubbed. The energy that emits from this crystal shape is one that aids relaxation and peaceful mindsets. 


Heart shaped crystals promote self love and care, connection to your heart space and opening of the heart chakra. Holding a heart-shaped crystal while meditating can activate your heart’s energy. Hearts emit their energy in a very loving and gentle manner while giving us a sense of peace and harmony.


A crystal wand is intended for healing. The rough shape of this crystal is meant to be moulded and end in a point, accumulating energy and directing it toward someone or something. Aside from this crystal directing energy away from oneself, it can also be used to improve your own physical energy.


Cluster crystals are in their most natural shape and consist of rough points and edges. A cluster is a great crystal to encourage unity in space. Whether it is placed on a table or gathering place in the home, it will promote a wanting of gathering and togetherness. Crystal clusters and geodes have strong vibrational energies due to having many points combined together. Crystal points are powerful energy amplifiers, so clusters are especially powerful with their output of energy. The points in a cluster vibrate together harmoniously to bring positive energy and transmute negativity in any space they are in. They can also help us feel more energised mentally and physically as well as aid us with decision making.


Geodes are amazing for directing chi around a room / home. Each little point within a geode emits its own energy, making the inside of the geode very powerful and perfect for charging or cleansing tumbled stones or small crystals.


The pyramid is found throughout history in several civilisations and holds many different spiritual meanings. The pyramid is called a Tetrahedron in Sacred Geometry, and its main function is assisting with manifestation.The solid structure base, much like a cube, has a very grounded and stabilised energy, while still allowing energy to directly flow out of the point. Pyramids connect energy from the crown chakra to the root chakra, allowing us to feel in tune with higher dimensional thinking/our higher selves while still staying grounded to Earth.

Tumble stones

Don't be fooled by their small stature, these pocket treasures are often the gateway to a life long love affair with crystals, they also enable us to easily carry crystals wherever we go. Perfect for carrying with you in pockets, bags or bras, they can remind us of the intention that we have set on them. Great for crystal grids too.

Crystal jewellery

Wearing crystal jewellery is a wonderful way of keeping your chosen crystals with you at all times. Crystals have long been associated with spiritual, healing, and metaphysical properties, and wearing them can help you to align to the crystals energy and whatever properties it possesses. 


The crystal skull is the symbol of life. Many people believe that they represent wisdom, communication, power, and knowledge.

Crystals come in all sorts of different carvings, from animals to angels, the most important thing is that you choose a crystal that speaks to you. There is plenty of information online about what that particular carving might represent but make sure you trust your own instincts about all.