Intention setting on crystals - what is it and how to do it.

Have you heard about setting intentions on crystals to amplify results but not really sure what that means or what to do? I've put together this mini guide to help you and get the most out of the relationship with your crystal.


What are intentions?

Intentions guide our behaviour and influence our decision making processes. Understanding the concept of intention is important in lots of different fields such as philosophy, psychology, sociology. Why is it important to us? Intentions play a significant role in shaping our behaviour. Our intentions guide our behaviour by influencing our decision making processes. When we have a clear intention, we're far more likely to take actions that are aligned with that intention. For example, if a person has a clear intention to exercise regularly, they're more likely to make time for that exercise in their daily routine and be committed to doing so.

When we don't set intentions, or we are not intentional with our time/life, we can find that the days, weeks and months slip by and we haven't achieved half of what we had hoped. Intentions hold power to keep us accountable and make the changes we need.

In the Moon Circles I hold, we talk a lot about the power of intentions, they help to make sure we don’t drift from day to month to year without tuning into what we want from our lives, how we want to feel, how we want to be and most importantly making the changes and taking the actions to bring those things to life.

Intention setting is a vital part of that.

Intentions can also influence our perception of the world. 

When we have a clear intention we're far more likely to notice opportunities that are aligned with that intention. 

For example, if a person has a clear intention to start a business.You are far more likely to start noticing the synchronicities in life, whilst being open to the potential opportunities that come your way.

On an energetic level, you start to align yourself with that future outcome and that’s how manifestation / law of attraction works.

This is also relevant for setting intentions for ourselves and our self care. It can help us to create boundaries to treat ourselves better, to notice when we're being unkind to ourselves or when we're letting other people be unkind to us.

We are far less likely to accept this and make the changes we need in our life to support ourselves better.


Why is intention setting and intentional living important?

Living an intentional life means living with purpose. And that can often mean having the courage to live differently to how we have been or how others expect us too. It means being clear on what we want for our lives, how we want to feel,  creating boundaries if needed, being mindful of our thoughts, our emotions and actions and aligning them with our own values and priorities. Living intentionally can bring many benefits to our lives including increased happiness, fulfilment and a sense of feeling more authentic.

One of the most significant benefits of living an intentional life is the increased sense of happiness and fulfilment it can bring, when we have a clearer sense of purpose and direction. We're more likely to feel a sense of satisfaction and meaning. We know what we want to achieve, perhaps it gives us a plan of how to get there. Or perhaps it just gives us a clear sense of how we want to feel, what we are no longer willing to tolerate.

It gives us both agency and integrity with yourself.

Living intentionally can also help us to focus on the things that truly matter to us, such as our relationships, health or personal growth when we align our actions and thoughts with our values and priorities. 

We're more likely to feel fulfilled and content with our lives. Living an intentional life can also improve our relationship with others. When we are clear about our own values and priorities, we're better able to communicate them with others. This can help us build deeper and more meaningful relationships with people who share our values and priorities and can also help us be mindful of our interactions with others. And we can be more intentional about the way we communicate, listen and empathise with others. We can also be more intentional about what we let go.

Being intentional in life can also help us increase our resilience in the face of challenges. When we have a clearer sense of purpose, of who we are, of our own agency and authentic self, we're better able to persevere through difficult times.

We begin to really trust ourselves and the path we are on. Living intentionally also means that we're being open to learning and growth and viewing challenges as opportunities for things that we can grow and learn through. Turning our wounds to wisdom.


Intention setting to manifest

Also remembering that intention setting is part of the manifestation process, and manifesting the things that you want in your life. Without setting intentions, being really clear on what you want, it's unlikely that you will be able to manifest it. People who are great at manifesting open up space to regularly tune into what they want to create in their lives, how they want to feel, how they want things to be and getting really clear on that.

Intention setting is a beautiful practice to support that. It’s much gentler and heart led than the traditional, head led goal setting we are used to in society. It’s about doing it in a safe and sacred space where we always allow love to rise above fear in order to dream big. 

But whilst setting intentions is a really powerful tool it doesn't mean we always stick to them and that's why working with crystals can be so supportive. 

How can crystals support intention setting?

They act as an anchor for the intention we have set. A physical anchor that we can physically connect to throughout the day, or when we meditate, and as a visual reminder of the intention we have set. Having an anchor to remind you means you are far more likely to commit to that intention. This is the premise of the vision board as well.

The added bonus of crystals is also their makeup, their vibration and the law of entrainment which can help to support us too. You can read more about that here.



How to program your crystal with an intention. 

Hold the crystal in both hands and imagine that you and Crystal are surrounded by pure white light. 

Really tune into your intention.

Take some deep breaths and drop into your heart.

How will you feel when it’s become reality? 

Feel it in your heart. Your hands and your heart are connected, feel that feeling moving from your heart down your arms, to your hands and into the crystal.

State your intention aloud or in your mind. 


I set my intention and therefore programme this crystal to support myself in

.......feeling more confident, to set clear boundaries in my life, opening my heart to experiencing love, trusting my intuition and accepting myself, whatever it might be for you....


Use a positive 'I am statement'

I am confident

I trust my intuition

I am opening myself to love



Finishing with the sentence..

For the highest good of all. It is so and so it is. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you 

Once you have set your intention you are good to go, you can choose to carry your crystal with you, place it on your altar, by your bedside or somewhere you will see it regularly to remind you. You can meditate with it or place it as part of a larger crystal grid.


If you are interested in living a more intentional life and using crystals and other ancient wisdom techniques to support you, I would love to invite you to join my members The Yew, here.