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Prehnite Crystal Bracelet, Crystal for inner peace, calm, anxiety and depression

Prehnite Crystal Bracelet, Crystal for inner peace, calm, anxiety and depression

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Prehnite has been used for centuries by shamans in Southern Africa for its ability to connect the physical and non-physical worlds, and thus its divination abilities.


Prehnite boosts prophetic abilities, enhances visualisation, lucid dreaming, and spiritual knowledge. It aids in connecting us to higher realms, including our higher selves, as well as spiritual, and extraterrestrial beings. This makes Prehnite an excellent stone to use when working with tarot or crystal balls.

Prehnite fosters a strong sense of trust in Universal Principles, and our own ability to magnetise what we need. As such, Prehnite helps us stop hoarding and focusing on material possessions. Prehnite clears toxins from the body and balances the meridians, helps us recognise our own boundaries, and say no to unreasonable requests.

Prehnite can be used to revitalise our personal healing environment, and when working with energy grids to enhance protective fields, calm, and bring inner peace.

On a physical level, Prehnite is wonderful for those with kidney or bladder issues, as it helps stabilize the organs to release toxins.


Approximate dimensions
Circumference: 18cm
Bead Size: 8mm

Ethically sourced in Mali

This is an absolutely stunning bracelet and would make a wonderful gift to yourself or another!

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