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Golden Lemurian Raw Points, Crystal to raise consciousness, spiritual connection, healing, Master crystal

Golden Lemurian Raw Points, Crystal to raise consciousness, spiritual connection, healing, Master crystal

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Golden Lemurian Quartz is a very special and exquisite form of Clear Quartz. It is thought to hold historic, Lemurian energy within each crystal. Golden Lemurian's are a wonderful tool for any kind of energy work, meditation or healing.


They can help to magnify the flow of prana (life force) through your body and aura.
Energise your Crown Chakra, helping you to experience a more conscious connection with Spirit
Balance and energise your Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing your sense of personal power and self-confidence.Promote healing, reduce tension, fear and anxiety resulting in a sense of well-being and reliefinduces deep relaxation.Promote the purification of the entire body, mind and aura, raising your consciousness to a higher level

Lemurian is said to have originated in a country known as Mu or Lemuria. This civilisation, according to the legends, was a peaceful and highly-developed spiritual civilisation, that was highly advanced and connected to their higher / soul selves.

The Lemurians existed hundreds of thousands of years ago in the area of the South Pacific, now buried deep beneath the sea. They are believed to have foreseen a cataclysmic event and prepared the Lemurian Seed Crystal with all of their knowledge to preserve their wisdom and traditions for generations to come.

It is said that having 'seeded' the crystals, most of the Lemurians left this planet for other star systems, perhaps as light beings or spirits. Embedded in each Lemurian Quartz you will usually find horizontal lines or fragments which are commonly referred to as 'memories'. This is said to be the information that was 'coded' within each point and why these crystals now carry such a powerful energy.

When you have a Lemurian in your environment, it raises the consciousness of the whole area because of it's extra special energy.

Each Lemurian has a unique energy and strong resonance, which works as a guide / co-creative relationship with us.

These gorgeous crystals offer deep spiritual insight, ancient wisdom and profound healing on all levels. They also carry a profound connection to Divine Feminine wisdom and have a truly ethereal feel to them.


These golden raw points are ethically sourced from Brazil and are absolutely magnificent, full of rainbows, beautiful clarity and starseed energy.

You will received one piece of golden Lemurian, intuitively chosen. As a natural being, all of them are different but all have the same gorgeous and magickal energy you would expect from a crystal as special as Lemurian.

Approximate dimensions
Weight: 17- 28 g
Length: 53-73mm

These are natural points and therefore each one is unique, they may look different to the photo shown but will be similar. Every one is beautiful and has a wonderful energy. These are AAA+ Grade Lemurians. We choose intuitively for you on ordering.

Every crystal comes with an information sheet about its individual healing properties, plus a care sheet. And we send a crystal gift with every order too.

All crystals are cleansed and charged by moonlight and Reiki energy (by myself) before they leave us and travel on their way to you.

We pride ourselves on only supplying crystals that are completely natural, they are never dyed to appear more magical, we only ever choose the highest grades available so they are all naturally magical without the need for dying or filters.

For our full FAQ's, head to the 'About Us' section in the main menu and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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