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Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Card Deck, a 52-Card Oracle Deck for Finding Health, Wealth, and Balance.

Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Card Deck, a 52-Card Oracle Deck for Finding Health, Wealth, and Balance.

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This Crystal Oracle deck is a wonderful way of getting to know and working with your crystals on a deeper level. Why not ask the cards which crystals you most need that day and see what they say. Cultivating a beautiful and strong relationship between yourself, the oracles cards and your crystal collection.


Are you seeking daily crystal inspiration to elevate your life, relationships and to tap into your intuition and inner knowing?

With this easy-to-use 52-card oracle deck, all you need to do is pick a card and trust your soul's intuition.

Each card features gorgeous photographs of Mother Earth's most energy-filled crystals and short descriptions of each crystal's strongest ability and core soul gift and message for you.

From Amazonite to Aquamarine, Carnelian to Jade, Moonstone to Rose Quartz, every crystal carries an energy that can help your spirit in a unique and specific way.

Whether you are going through a tumultuous time in your relationship, feeling stuck financially, or have a mental block at work, your intuition will help you to pick the card you need to unlock the clarity your spirit is craving.

In the deck's accompanying guidebook, Energy Muse co-founder and Crystal Muse and Crystal365 author Heather Askinosie provides each crystal's history and properties, as well as the message that each crystal has for you and a simple ritual that you can use to take action in your life immediately.

Approximate dimensions
Box size: H10cm X W13.7cm X D4cm
Product size: H13.7cm X W10cm X D4cm
Weight: 365g
Material: Paper
This product does come plastic wrapped as this is how it is supplied to us from the publishers, please recycle.

Every deck comes with little gift intuitively chosen by us for you 💝

All items are cleansed and charged by Reiki energy (by myself) before they leave us and travel on their way to you.


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