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Rainbow Moonstone Drop Crystal Earrings, 925 sterling silver, Crystal for balance, harmony and hope.

Rainbow Moonstone Drop Crystal Earrings, 925 sterling silver, Crystal for balance, harmony and hope.

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Rainbow Moonstone silver drop earrings, hand crafted from 925 sterling silver. Moonstone is a Crown Chakra crystal, that has long been the stone of love, fertility, intuition, magic, protection, hope, and spiritual purity.


Rainbow moonstone crystal secures a balance and stable mood, feelings, and emotions. It allows the person to develop emotional strength. This crystal also alleviates distress and mood swings. This healing crystal boosts inner strength, self-worth, and self-reliance.

Rainbow Moonstone activates and aligns all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. It's a very soothing stone with a vibration of of calming and relaxing energy. This powerful crystal connects with our emotional body.

Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping maintain mental clarity throughout the day and assists in protecting your aura from negative vibrations attempting to attach onto you.
This gentle crystal encourages you to take on new opportunities and be open to any new beginnings that may come your way.

These are such stunning earrings, the faceted moonstone crystal has gorgeous blue flashes, they are super sparkly and oh so pretty. Perfect for day or night, dressing up or casual.

Chakra: All

Approximate dimensions
Crystal Size: 3.2mm
Crystal drop (5 crystals): 17mm
925 sterling silver

Please note your pair may differ from the photo shown as they are all individual. We do not accept returns for earrings, so please bear that in mind before ordering, thank you.

Every crystal comes with an information sheet about its individual healing properties, plus a care sheet. And we send a little gift with every order too 💝

All crystals are cleansed and charged by Reiki energy (by myself) before they leave us and travel on their way to you.

We pride ourselves on only supplying crystals that are completely natural, they are never dyed to appear more magical, we only ever choose the highest grades available so they are all naturally magical without the need for dying or filters.

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