Monthly Crystal Workshop & Subscription Box

Are you interested in learning more about working with the magic of crystals?

Every month I hold an online crystal workshop where we explore  a crystal or crystals of the month / season.
These workshops will help you to connect to your crystals in a deeper way, to learn more about them and how they can support you. Each month I choose a a specific or selection of crystals to focus on, based on the energy of the month / season we are in.

Workshops may include learning about their properties and benefits, ways to work with them, crystal healing, intention setting, asking your crystals for guidance, meditation and more.

February – Crystals for self love

March – Crystals to embrace change

April – Crystals for healing and wellbeing

May – Prosperity and Personal Power

June - Balance

This workshop is 60 minutes long, online and held in the evening, it costs £11.11 to join.

Book the workshop here



Crystal of the Month Subscription

There is also the opportunity to join our 'Crystal of the Month' subscription where we will deliver an intuitively chosen crystal just for you, to support you with the months theme. This is the crystal we will work with in the 'Crystal of the Month' online workshop, so you will have an opportunity to really get to know your crystal on a much deeper level. 


You will receive:

1 x Crystal of the month worth at least £30

1 x Crystal ritual to welcome your crystal to her new home

1 x Crystal information sheet

1 x Surprise gift

Free delivery


Optional: Joining the 'Crystal of the Month' online workshop**

The crystal will be delivered in time for the workshop if you choose to join us online.

Exchange: £25

Join the crystal of the month subscription here.


** The 'Crystal of the Month' workshop is purchased separately here



If you are interested in joining me for a Kundalini yoga class or workshop, online or in person you can do so here