What values are important to you?

What values are important to you?

Values are the filters we live our life by.

I'm not perfect. My values slip from time to time but intrinsically they're part of who I am. Just like me. They've changed over the years as I've become more conscious and aware, particularly since I became a mother. The things that matter to me are also the things that matter in our business. I like to know where the things I buy come from, to understand their provenance and footprint, to know the people behind them.

I love to support other small businesses, especially ones with the same ethos as our own.

We run our little business from home, a happy home full of love and laughter. We are a family business, we care about people, the service we offer, we work hard but we love what we do. 

It's important to me that our daughter sees all of that, that she's involved where she can be and understands. That we love to support and buy from others who feel the same and the ripple effect that can have. She is learning every day, what she does has an impact.

Just like my crystals, I love good food, I always have done. I like to know where it's come from. The process it's been through. Where possible I like to buy local, organic, small.

I love food that has a story, that supports others like my family.

The same goes for our crystals, where possible we buy locally but Earth’s treasures are found far and wide, just like us buying bananas I suppose!

So the importance here is knowing the process, the people, the mines, the story’s. Like any commodity, we know what happens when it gets too big. Profits over the planet and people. This is why we ensure we know who we are dealing with and where they've come from because it's the planet and people above profit for us. 

Quality is really important to me too. If you just want crystals, something that's pretty and looks nice sitting on your shelf, there are so many options out there. Just like fast food, but you can feel the difference.

But if you're looking for pieces that feel different, you know have been mined fairly, that have respected the people and places involved, that have a story, that feel different and have a strong, clean, pure vibration…that's the difference. Think artisan, small batch sourdough instead of mass produced sliced white.

I also believe that it's important to know if we are taking something from our planet, that it has been done with respect and I want to be respectful in that process. It's an act of reverence and the stones, just like us, feel it too. They pick up on the bad energy, absorb it and embody it; that is why we are always told how different our crystals feel.

It's also why we give back, we support charities doing great things for our planet, I'm very excited to announce a new partnership coming soon.

We want it to feel good full cycle and we know by buying from us, you will feel it too. The energy is completely different. The quality of the crystals, the service. The choices we make matter.

We want our daughter to know that and carry it forward in her life. What we do, say, think and feel matters. How we act has an impact.

We want our little business to raise the vibration in every sense. To make sure that we are doing out little bit where we can, by making considered choices, because if we all did that, imagine the impact that would have?

And I've worked with enough crystals over the years to tell you there is a difference. It’s the reason I started this business because you can feel when something has been created with respect, rather than mass produced. You can feel it in the crystals energy and your own, it raises the vibration in every way.


Katie and Paul xx

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