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Leather, vegetable tanned, handmade, cosmic goddess journal.

Leather, vegetable tanned, handmade, cosmic goddess journal.

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Leather bound journal, handmade, vegetable tanned and environmentally friendly. Gorgeous Cosmic Goddess imprint. Reminding you, you are Divine.


Whether you want to use it as a diary, notebook, sketchbook, intention setting or as part of your journalling practice, this gorgeous Tree of Life, leather bound notebook is your perfect writing companion.

This journal has been vegetable tanned, which was the major tanning method until the 20th century and is now growing in importance once again.

It uses extracts of barks, leaves, fruits, berries, roots and wood. This method of tanning is safe for the environment and leather workers. Vegetable tanned leather is left to breathe, It can take up to 2 weeks to dry until they turn a beautiful beige colour. Nature’s elements seep into its grain over time, enhancing its authentic and earthy character, These notebooks will age beautifully over time.

These are good sized notebooks / sketchbooks / journals with a strap and unlined pages, so you can write or sketch.

The beautiful embossing is of the Cosmic Goddess. Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy within all of us. This journal is a beautiful reminder of the divine feminine power that is is within all of us, her energetic force moves throughout the entire universe. You are the Universe, you are Divine.


Chrome free
Lead free
Azo free
Environmentally friendly

Approximate dimensions
Width: 15cm
Weight: 443g

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