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Law of Attraction Planner, Practices and Journal, Printable, Manifestation practices, 3-6-9, Gratitude journal, Free Intuition Meditation

Law of Attraction Planner, Practices and Journal, Printable, Manifestation practices, 3-6-9, Gratitude journal, Free Intuition Meditation

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Law of Attraction and Mastering Manifestation Workbook. If you are looking for an easy and simple way to bring your desires to life, this workbook can help you.

Packed full of wisdom, practices and reflection spaces, this printable workbook is your perfect manifestation companion.

This includes many methods that you can use and incorporate easily into your every day life. All have been chosen for there simplicity but potency.

I have been working with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation for many years and have completely changed my life because of it.

Because of these practices and the energy and mindset shifts they created I have been able to manifest all of my desires:

My husband
My daughter
Our beautiful home
A relocation to a wonderful part of the country
A new career (leaving my stressful corporate life behind and setting up my own successful spiritual business and ethical crystal boutique)
Training as a Kundalini yoga teacher
Changing my life style (giving up a alcohol and many other things that did not serve me)
It has helped me to create strong personal boundaries in my life
Walk away from relationships that were toxic
Prioritise my own self care
Love myself (something I didn't do for many, many years).

All of the practices and lifestyle shifts in this workbook are what allowed me to change my life, and when you start using them, your energy shifts and the Universe will start co-creating with you to align you to that better life you desire.


Digital download
Digital file type(s): PDF
Size: A4 & US letter available.
This is not a template to be altered and resold/shared.

Plus a free meditation 'Connect to your inner wise woman' recorded by myself, Katie Carswell, a certified mindfulness, life and spiritual coach. Connecting to your intuition is a vital part of manifestation, this meditation will help you to do so.


Setting Intentions
First 20 Minutes practice
Morning Routine
Evening Routine
10 Minutes of Gratitude
Raise Your Vibration
Manifest Your Dreams
Desire Worksheet
List of Attractions
7 Days of LoA
Vision Board
Manifestation tracker
Manifesting Cheat Sheet
3-6-9 Method
Future Self Method
Abundance Mindset Method
Visualisation Reflection Log
Meditation tracker
10 Affirmations practice
Gratitude Worksheet
Kindness Tracker
Letter to the Universe Exercise
Feel Good Tracker
My Best Self practice
Bucket List
Daily Focus Journal
Weekly Journal
Journal pages

Plenty of room to write and reflect on your practices and journey. Keeping everything in one place, you are more likely to commit to a regular practice but also to keep track of the results and in return, witness the magic happening.

Manifestation flows where focus goes.

if you would like more support, why not join my membership full of spiritual development tools and guidance. You can find out more here:

© Katie Carswell / Moon & Earth Crystals and Rituals

Any questions, please just ask. Happy Manifesting ✨

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