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Herdwick Sheepskin Rug, Extra Large Sheepskin, Rare Breed Rug, Heritage sheepskin, British sheepskin rug

Herdwick Sheepskin Rug, Extra Large Sheepskin, Rare Breed Rug, Heritage sheepskin, British sheepskin rug

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Lying or sitting on sheepskin is incredibly nurturing, soothing and warming. Doing so has gained popularity in practices such as yoga (Kundalini, Nidra and Savasana) and meditation for this very reason. 

I use them at the Women’s Circles I hold and they help to transform the experience into an even more beautiful and nourishing one. We use them as part of our ritual, to create a dedicated, nourishing space for self love, rest and reflection.

I am often asked by people who attend the Circle if they can buy a sheepskin so they can use it for their own practices. Whether that is at home to create their own personal rituals, in their meditation space or to take to yoga classes for extra comfort, warmth and support.

We stock natural sheepskins from speciality, sustainable British breeds. They are not dyed or enhanced in any way and are a natural by-product, so nothing goes to waste.

Sheepskins can be used to enhance your ritual space, meditation and yoga practice. Or simply to give your home a super cosy vibe. They are also brilliant for babies and children, elderly or poorly people, even pets.

The Herdwick is a breed of hardy domestic sheep native to the beautiful Lake District. These sheep happily roam the high, weather-beaten fells and graze on anything they find, helping to maintain the dramatic landscape. 

Starting life completely black, Herdwick sheep turn lighter in their first year so at first shearing their fleeces are chocolatey brown and their faces and legs a creamy shade of white; Their fleece then turns grey and as the animal matures they develop into a rich creamy white colour.

Herdwick have a very dense, very deep fleece. The texture is slightly wild, yet soft and sumptuous. The wilder texture adds to the visual appeal and extra cosiness.

A Herdwick fleece is also more water resistant than some other sheepskins - it gets wet more slowly and dries out faster than other fleeces.


These beautiful sheepskins couldn't be easier to keep in pristine condition and should remain looking fresh for many, many years. There are some simple habits to get into that will keep your sheepskin looking as good as new!  
Try to keep your sheepskin out of prolonged, direct sunlight as this can cause the fleece to fade
At least once a year, give your rug a good shake and air, to dislodge dirt and dust particles. Ideally hang it over a fence or washing line for an hour to let the fresh air get into it.
Give the rug an occasional brush. Speciality hide brushes are only a couple of pounds but a real investment for keeping your rug looking spectacular.
If you do have a spillage, try to blot it out with a dry cloth. For more serious stains, sheepskin detergent is brilliant and cheap and a small bottle will last for years.

We try to be as accurate as possible but please remember that these are natural products and therefore the sizes are not exact. You can be confident that the sheepskin pictured is the item you will be purchasing.
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