Women's Online Spiritual Membership

The Yew Online Membership, for women on a spiritual, healing and transformation journey

The Yew Membership

~ ‎ For women on their spiritual journey.
If you are interested in learning more about working with crystals, rituals, the moon cycles and more, the I would love to invite you to join my online membership, The Yew.
Every month there are a variety of different gatherings for you to explore.
Working with Crystals Workshop
This workshop will help you to connect to your crystals in a deeper way, to learn more about them and how they can support you. Each month I choose a selection of crystals to focus on, based on the energy of the month / season we are in. The workshops are all different and range from meditating with crystals, how to cleanse and charge them, how to set intentions and work with them, working with crystals and their correlating chakras plus more. 
Guest Spiritual Teachers Workshop

Every month we welcome a guest teacher to share their unique knowledge and wisdom on a topic that has been requested by the Yew members.

Subjects such as working with Tarot, Runes, Angels / spirit guides, Plant medicine, Herbalism, EFT, Astrology, women’s health, Divine feminine, Journaling and more.

‎ Manifestation Practice Circle

Each month we explore a method and practice it. Techniques such as gratitude, 3:6:9, affirmations, vision boards, journaling, perfect day, future self, love or fear letter and more. This is an opportunity to learn about manifestation techniques whilst creating the time and space to practice them.

Seasonal Wheel of the Year Ritual Gathering

A seasonal gathering to celebrate the turn of the wheel with ritual and sacredness. Following the wheel of the year (the Celtic Sabbats) tuning into each celebration and its unique energy is a wonderful way to honour the cycles of life ~ yours and natures. Each Sabbat we will gather and take part in a ritual to honour the change of season, within and without.


A message from the angels and Hot Seat with YOUR guides

Every month Isobel is with us to channel a message from the angels that will support you with what is going on in the world right now. There is also the opportunity to have a ‘Hot Seat’ with your guides. You can ask a question you need guidance on and Isobel will connect to your guides and channel for you.


The Yew Library

Our version of a soul led library and book club. A space to borrow books, share insights, reflect and learn.


New and Full Moon Circles

Guiding you to align and work with the potent energy of the moon cycles


WhatsApp Community Group

For gentle accountability, questions, reflection and connection


Meditation Library and more...

 If this speak to your heart, you are on a spiritual, healing and transformation journey and you are looking for a space and resources, to explore practices to connect to that deeper part of yourself, I would love to invite you to The Yew.

Membership starts at just £27 a month.‎ 

You can find out more and join on my other website here


And if you have any questions, please let me know,

Katie xx