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Natural Smokey Quartz Crystal Point.

Natural Smokey Quartz Crystal Point.

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Smokey Quartz's strength lies in its ability to absorb and transmute significant amounts of negative energy and release it into the Earth for natural neutralisation.


Instead of just surfacing negative energies and emotional blockages, this crystal gently dissolves these energies as it encounters them, allowing positive frequencies to take their place, and filtering out bad moods, fear, stress, anger, and unspoken resentment that drain our energies and make us unable to move forward.

Smokey Quartz lifts depression and fatigue, teaching us how to let go of what is no longer necessary for growth. It provides a strong shield against emotional or psychic attacks, strain, and environmental stress, and is a great general healing or meditation tool. 

A Root Chakra stone, Smokey Quartz is adept at grounding us back to the earth.

It opens, activates, and heals the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras. It is associated to the ambitious optimism of Sagittarius, the passionate drive of Scorpio, and the determined responsibility of Capricorn. 


This is an absolutely stunning crystal point/sceptre. 

Approximate dimensions

Weight: 143g 
Height: 92mm

Ethically sourced in Brazil


Everything we do is done with love. 

From personally hand selecting each individual crystal to the care we take in sending your crystals to you. 

All crystals are cleansed and charged by Reiki energy (by myself) before they leave us and travel on their way to you. 

We pride ourselves on only supplying crystals that are completely natural, they are never dyed to appear more magical, we only ever choose the highest grades available so they are all naturally magical without the need for dying or filters. 

All of our crystals are ethically sourced, this is hugely important to us, and everything we do is as conscious and sustainable as possible, for the benefit of our amazing planet, all of us lucky enough to live here and the higher good 🤍 

Every crystal comes with an information sheet about its individual healing properties, plus  a care sheet too.

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