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Malachite Crystal Freeform, Balancing and soothing crystal.

Malachite Crystal Freeform, Balancing and soothing crystal.

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As a stone of transformation, Malachite encourages change and emotional risk-taking. 


Malachite shows us what is blocking our inner growth, draws out deep feelings and psychosomatic causes, then allows us to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns.

It encourages the expression of feelings, alleviating shyness, and teaches us the responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. It supports friendships, love, and empathy for other people.

Balancing | Soothing | Detoxifying


Height: 70mm
Weight: 115g

Ethically sourced in Congo

These new malachite pieces we've recently taken into stock are absolutely stunning. This beautiful white malachite point is absolutely magnificent, a rare version that is a union of marble and malachite; A luminous, sparkling green-white with a ghost-like effect in the shadows. A solid, heavy point with a wonderful steady, calming vibration.

Everything we do is done with love. 

From personally hand selecting each individual crystal to the care we take in sending your crystals to you. 

All crystals are cleansed and charged by moonlight and Reiki energy (by myself) before they leave us and travel on their way to you. 

We pride ourselves on only supplying crystals that are completely natural, they are never dyed to appear more magical, we only ever choose the highest grades available so they are all naturally magical without the need for dying or filters. 

All of our crystals are ethically sourced, this is hugely important to us, and everything we do is as conscious and sustainable as possible, for the benefit of our amazing planet, all of us lucky enough to live here and the higher good 🤍 

Every crystal comes with an information sheet about its individual healing properties, plus  a care sheet too.


For our full FAQ's, head to the 'About Us' section in the main menu and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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